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Dimensions (inches) 15 w x 16 d x 27 h
Weight 36 lbs (16.3 kg)
Power Consumption: 65 – 125 (Watts)
Cubic Feet/Minute: 85 – 200 (CFM)
Operation Noise: 45 – 58 (dB)

HW Deluxe
Professional DFS Air Filtration System

The HealthWay 20600-3-DELUXE is proudly offered by SD Air as the ultimate in home air purification systems. The 360 filtration system has been proven to capture 99.99% of all air particles as tiny as .002 microns in size leaving for a healthier environment.

This air purifier’s technology has qualified it as a FDA-Listed Class II Medical Device; providing 90% cleaner air in just 30 minutes making it the world’s most powerful in-home air purification system.

  • 360 degree air intake allows for full room treatment
  • With a 100% sealed filtration enclosure for treating air pollutants
  • Holds four times more air contaminants than similar HEPA filters
  • Variable 3-speed control with low speed ultra-quiet air flow control
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Florida air purification

Dimensions (inches) 13 w x 8.75 d x 20 h
Weight 17 lbs (8 kg)
Power Consumption: 35 – 65 (Watts)
Cubic Feet/Minute: 35 – 100 (CFM)
Operation Noise: 40 – 60 (dB)

HW 10600-9
DFS Tabletop Air Purification System

SD Air of Florida provides the simple yet stylish HealthWay 10600-9 air purifier as well as installation services for your home or small office.

Our Tabletop Air Purification System uses the same innovative, patented technologies that makes use proud to be a HealthWay distributor.

  • Slim, compact, ultra slim system
  • Stylish design works well with many home decors
  • Easy to maintain air filtration system
  • DFS germ killing zone destroys everything that its filters
  • Leaves you with a clean and fresh smelling environment
  • Have less dust, pollen, as well as other airborne allergens
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